Sanandaj Power Plant

Similar to the project in Jahrom power plant, the aim of this project was to reduce the water consumption in Sanandaj combined cycle using ZLD concept. Here we first identified the wastewater streams and their quality. A water and wastewater diagram is sketched for the power plant showing the quantity of all water and wastewater streams in the Sanandaj power plant. This diagram helps us to know where we have the highest flow rate of waste streams. Different methods were proposed to recover wastewater streams and each one of them were analyzed technically and economically. Finally the best solution which had the highest rate of water recovery and lowest capital cost was selected. The results were outstanding. It indicated that almost half of the water loss happened by the vent streams. Therefore with just condensing these streams, a huge amount of water loss would be prevented. Also energy of these vent streams could be used to purify other wastewaters in a reboiler. It should be mentioned that some heat exchangers were also used in the plant to reduce temperature of some hot wastewater streams so that they could be injected into the current demineralization system which exists in the plant.