Jahrom Power Plant

  1. Water, wastewater and energy recovery in Jahrom combined cycle power plant based on ZLD concept

The purpose of this project was to recover water and energy from waste streams in Jahrom power plant. As it is known, water scarcity is a serious issue in Iran which needs immediate actions to be taken to solve the problem. Moving toward ZLD concept could reduce the amount of water usage in industry sector. ZLD is the abbreviation for zero liquid discharge. It indicates that water should be recovered from waste streams completely, in a way that the amount of water discharge to the ambient reaches to zero.

Although ZLD concept is very beneficial for the environment, it could be highly expensive. Therefore it is decided to perform a conceptual study on different methods to recover water and energy from waste streams in Jahrom power plant. This is done by us. This project is done in four steps:

  • Preliminary study of water system in Jahrom power plant and discovering different kinds of wastewater streams in the power plant
  • Feasibility study on recovering water and energy from each waste stream
  • Defining different scenarios for water and energy recovery in Jahrom power plant and performing a techno-economic comparison on them
  • Production of the bidding documents for the power plant to perform the selected scenario

The final solution was to use a secondary RO system along with a reboiler and a vacuum evaporator to recover waste streams in the plant.