About us


ASPEN AQUA is an environmental engineering company endowing our clients with water treatment, water and wastewater recovery, and energy solutions.

We offer our clients holistic environmental project solutions, including yet not confining to the subsequent services: analysis, planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance and supply of plants and capital goods for the aforementioned solutions.

Since our very first project, our target is to offer our clients the best quality of our services by being committed to use of the cutting-edge technology, and to make them sure that they receive what they exactly need.


Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to preserve environment form the detrimental consequences of engineering project. To us, this bears integral significance specially when it comes to water along side other natural resources such as air and soil. In accordance with the latest statistics revealed by NASA, in the next 20 years Iran will face its most severe water scarcity throughout the history. This is the biggest threat not only to the nation but also to the whole world.

ASPEN AQUA has focused its efforts to expand its services and products beyond the border of the country and be able to play efficient role in the burgeoning international market. Our goal is to propose innovative solutions to our clients and being the first among all other companies in the field of water treatment, water and wastewater recovery, and energy. We are open to the world and appreciate establishing further strategic partnerships with international partners to share knowledge and experiences that lead us to the achievement of these goals.

We are committed to our principles and values which are innovation, being open and trustworthy, teamwork spirit, and respect for the environment.